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Welcome To Hotel Vinayak

We are proudly associated with the hotel industry from a long time. To be exact, Hotel Vinayak laid its first foundation stone on October 9th, 1994. Since then, we have only progressed in every perspectiveand has evolved with the present-day tractions to be one of the best hotels in the town. However, from the past 21 years, one thing about Hotel Vinayak has always been constant and that is our enthusiastic greetings for every visitor at our door. At Hotel Vinayak, we make great efforts with a friendly approach for our guest to feel like a homely stay.

Our founders Mr. Binimoy Moulik, who is also a renowned and successful businessman of Siliguri, West Bengaland his wife Mrs SucharitaMoulik who themselves are hospitality enthusiasts. From the early days, the town of Siliguri has been a stop for tourists given to the surrounding and happening travel destinations like Nepal, Sikkim, Darjeeling, Gangtok, Kalimpong, Bhutan and many more hidden places. Therefore, Mr and Mrs Moulik found their inspiration in the fact that every visitor must need a warm place to relax and refresh. This led to the inauguration of one of the most tourist-friendly stays; Hotel Vinayak. It is the most-suited accommodation for affluent and influential travellers.

As the name suggests, Hotel Vinayak is the “leader” of hotels in terms of expansion, innovation and dedication towards its guests. We redefine luxury with the finest services and facilities of international standards.